About Fuzzmother

What does the fuzz say?! Fuzz around and find out.

The name Fuzzmother was originally a quick joke. “It’s like I’m your fairy fuzz mother!” I said to someone who was testing a lot of the early stuff.

The name just kinda stuck.

I didn’t expect anything from this.

I’ve been lucky. Pedals I’ve built have been used on amazing songs and on incredible stages. I am grateful for it all.

Thank you!

Things I am making

Sawtooth Wav Octave Fuzz

Fuzz Around and Find Out.

It is a way of life, and it’s also a pretty sweet fuzz.

The FAFO’s distinctive sound is achieved with BC108B transistors and a set of vintage 1N34A diodes.

There’s a feedback loop using a sawtooth wave, which adds a sub-bass-y modulated effect similar to chorus.

And finally, all things exit through an internal boost.

Controls are volume/fuzz and tone, with single stomp switch and UV-colored LED bypass indicator.

Octave Fuzz


Sometimes you have to take a Double L… 💔

This new fuzz is nearing production, featuring 2N404 vintage transistors, and reclaimed 1N60 diodes.

It will have two controls: noise, and, grunge.

I shall call them, mini me

Fuzz baby/Baby fuzz

This is a small work in progress, featuring a mini box and semi point-to-point style connections, with vintage germanium transistors and other components like carbon comp resistors from allen-bradley.